Monday, January 7, 2008

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The Best Time to Prospect?
The short answer is ABP - Always be prospecting!

However, When Specific and Compelling Trigger Events occur, your efforts will be far more successful than at other times.

The term for this is 'Change Mode Prospecting'.

Following it will dramatically improve new sales and client retention.

We’ve all be in the following situation with prospects:
They agree your offering has far more value than their present vendor.
The present supplier is average, at best.
Yet they can’t pull the trigger to buy your products and services.

Frustrating, isn’t it!

The problem here:
Most people are very resistant to Change. It’s human nature. 

We’re comfortable where we are.  Ever hear:
"If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
"We've always done it this way."

The Exception to this resistance is:
When their business is Changing in major ways.

Changes like:
New business, new location or branches, change of ownership, major construction, new product line, new sales territory, new competition, etc.

This is when decision-makers get in the Change Mode’ and say, “I’m going to look at everything! I’m going to look at products, services, and vendors I’m using now; and I’m going to look at things I never thought of before!”

Change is the Sweet Spot for selling new business.

Change is also the Risk Spot for losing business.

This Risk Spot is important, because the research shows:
It is far easier to save an account then sell a new one. Plus, they’ll stay a client longer, make you more money, and be less of a hassle than newly acquired business.

Key Lesson:
When companies are in the Change Mode’
Be close to prospects - and closer to clients.

Use ‘Change Mode’ information to Gain and to Retain clients.

Where can Change Mode Information be found?
The information is available by researching applications for Business Licenses, Occupancy Permits, News Releases, Business Publications, and thru other media.

Attending networking events and searching the internet can also bring results.

There are also subscription services and lists available that will help find this valuable information.

Good Selling!