Monday, November 30, 2009

Prospecting Vs. Selling:
Find a 'Thirsty Horse'!

Kim DeMotte's 'Catch & Release' Process is the Gold Standard for Prospecting.

He makes the important point that there is a distinct difference between Prospecting and Selling.

Prospecting is sorting and sifting.

Selling is influencing.

Ideally, the two should be separate functions, done by different people.

The Prospecting should be a quick filtering process that easily determines if the Suspect has a need for your product and service, and more importantly, realizes it.

Once these individuals are found, a salesperson can call to see if the product or service they offer is a fit for the prospect and if it will solve their problem.

Ralph Blakey gave this analogy:
"I never thought it made sense to go into a grassy field, find a horse, put an arm around their neck and drag them to a water trough next to a fence, and push the horse's face into the water.

Doesn't it make more sense to find a Thirsty Horse?"

Tele-Prospect Filtering finds those Thirsty Horses.