Saturday, February 24, 2007

Referrals By Email - This Way Works!

Referrals are a great way to grow your business.

One strategy to receive more referrals - is to give more referrals.

It's the marketing mantra,
'Give To Get'. And it works!

The referrals to you will be more frequent and stronger in direct proportion to the referrals you give.

One of the keys to being effective with this is to Be in the Moment! Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities to connect people and solve their problems, help them make a sale, and give them information of value to them.

The best referrals are done in person;
Introducing Contact A to Contact B.

Other referral methods include: phone calls to each, conference call, and letters of introduction to each party.

Email Referrals have some benefits, also.
  • They're quick - email is almost instant.
  • They are in writing.
  • Easy for each party to click on links for more information.
  • In tune with the way lots of communication is conducted these days.
Guidelines for Email Referrals
that bring the best results for all parties; the people you are connecting and you!
(Thanks to Karen Hoffman, The IDEA Coach, for her input.)
  1. To:
    The person you are referring to. Sometimes both people should be put on the same line.
    You Two Should Meet!
  2. CC:
    The person being referred.
  3. Subject:
    The Why of this email. You Two Should Meet, Prospect For You,
    Wanting Information on Your Services, etc.
  4. Body:
    A good way to start is: Cheryl meet Cathy.
    Cathy meet Cheryl
  5. More Body:
    A few sentences describing why this introduction is being made; qualifying the introduction for each person.
    I met Cheryl the other day at a networking event.
    She mentioned she needs help getting organized.
    Cathy, I know this is your area of expertise and asked Cheryl if it would be OK if I connected you two by email.
    Cheryl thought that would be a great idea and is expecting your call.
  6. Contact Information:
    This is important, very important.
    Give the full contact information for each person, including, if available:
    • Name
    • Company
    • Address
    • Phone
    • FAX
    • Email
    • Web site

    Doing it this way puts each party on notice that you expect them to make contact.

    Sending your email in this form gives each party easy access to information (website link) about the other person and their business before having a conversation.

    They can view each other's web site and contact other people they know who might furnish additional information.

    If you've matched these people correctly, they will each gain a valuable connection and possibly new business.

    At a minimum, they'll know you are looking for opportunities for them, will appreciate your efforts, and eventually reciprocate.

    What better way to get, than to
    Give First!