Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The 18 Percent Solution
Save NOW!

When: January 23, 2007
Where: Grand Prix Speedway

Only 18 percent of independent businesses see a 10th anniversary.

Those that make it do so by seeking knowledgeable help.

A powerhouse lineup of business experts and professional speakers be your pit crew on January 23, and we'll help you win the race to 10 successful years.

I was selected to be one of the speakers. (I'll talk about Prospecting!)

Because I'm a participant, I get to offer what they're calling a "speaker's discount" -- and you can take advantage of the savings.

The full description of the event is at

If you like what you see and decide to attend, I can offer you the member's rate to the event.

Just type "Miller" in the [Special Instructions] field when you register -- then choose the members rate and save $20. (Note: There is an extra discount if you register before January 3 -- another $20.)

I hope to see you there!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saved Account -
Worth MORE Than a New One!

One Saved Account Paid for a Year's Service!

I was in the Coffee Service business and a BRB client for many years before purchasing BRB.

One of the most productive ways I found to use the BRBs was to Save an account.

The 'Change Mode' is the 'Sweet Spot' for Gaining Business.

It's also the 'Risk Spot' for Losing Business.

This is Important because the research shows it's far easier to Save an Account than sell a new one.

A Saved Account vs. a New Account:
  • Will stay on the books longer.
  • Produce more profit.
  • Be less maintenance.
When 'Change' is occurring; be Close to Prospects - Closer to Clients.

An average Coffee Account was worth about $100.00 a month in profit.
When a client had 'Change' going on; New Owner, New Location, Major Construction, etc., the competition was all over it. (Probably from being a BRB subscriber, too!)

Naturally, I quickly went to see the decision-maker.

If we agreed our Coffee Service been a good vendor for them, and would continue to be, I could usually keep the competition out and retain the business.

Do the math: $100 X 12 months = $1200.
At the time, One Saved Account paid for the entire year's subscription!

Now that's a good ROI!

Lesson: When daily reviewing the leads, be certain to look for present clients as well as prospects.

The value of the BRBs is not just for Gaining Business, but also for Retaining Business!

Friday, December 8, 2006

Success Story - Previously Published Leads!

J.H. called to tell us about opening a new account for his advertising enterprise.

“This one new client will pay for a year’s subscription!” he told me.

In addition to his regular subscription, J.H. purchased Previously Published Leads.

This is where he found the new business.

“My new customer has been established for a while and was looking for new ways to promote their services. They have multiple locations which fit the marketing plan I provided them with,” J.H. said.

When I checked with J.H. to get his permission to publish his success story he said, “Absolutely! And be sure to add that I closed a couple more off that list yesterday.”


Would Previously Published Leads help your marketing efforts?

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