Monday, January 4, 2010

Let Email Marketing Reach Out
To Prospects & Clients

Why Email Marketing?

As we all know, email has dramatically changed our daily communications with friends, family and businesses associates.

Email Marketing has done the same for businesses who want to communicate information to people who have given their permission and to clients.

With many businesses, one goal is to be 'top of mind' when prospects and clients have problems the business can remedy.

Periodic 'touches' by direct mail, phone calls, and email are all part of the process.

Email Marketing's particular advantages include the following:
  • Affordable - It's a great return for the investment.
  • Effective - Turns prospects into customers and customers into loyal clients.
  • Immediate - It generates an instant response.
  • Measurable - See who is opening your emails and what links they click on and what date and time the do it.
  • Easy - Professional services provide templates and step-by-step instructions that make professional results possible without lots of work.
  • Flexible - Use it to announce new products and services, new blog posting, drive traffic to your website.
It's suggested to use a Professional Email Marketing Service for the above reasons and more:
  • Join Our Email List Signup Boxes can be put on your web page.
  • The Visitor Sign up Form can be customized to your specifications. For instance, if you offer several products and services, they can be listed with check boxes so you can customize your marketing. Also, site visitor details can be selected and captured on the form.
  • Welcome Email Letters can be customized and sent to new contacts who signup using your visitor signup form.
  • Change of Interest Emails can be automated when a contact makes changes to their interests or profile.
  • Subscriber Reports can have their frequency automated.
  • Web Based means they can be accessed and worked on from any terminal, anywhere.
Email Marketing should not be the only marketing you do, but done correctly, by targeting businesses specific interests and not overloading recipients with emails that have no value, can be a valuable tool for gaining and retaining clients.

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